Who We Are

McKENZIE Equity.

McKENZIE Equity is an experienced investment real estate investment company specializing in multifamily acquisitions. We have a verifiable track record of successfully acquiring, managing, and repositioning commercial multifamily real estate properties in high-growth markets in Texas, Georgia, and Florida. We help our investors build their wealth with passive income through multifamily investing — producing index-beating returns on investors’ capital, clearing their path to financial freedom.

Our Story.

McKENZIE was founded in 2008 by Oliver Fernandez, owner and operator of a successful construction company and host of the Imperfect Entrepreneur podcast. He is a leading educator in the construction and real estate investment space and is on a mission to help others find their pathway to financial freedom and build generational wealth.

Oliver’s first multifamily investing experience was as a passive capital partner. He then merged this passive investing experience with his expertise as a building contractor and owner of a successful construction company to position McKENZIE Equity as a multifamily real estate investment company specializing in value-add renovation. The dedicated, high-performing team at McKENZIE continues to deliver results for their investors while carrying out the company’s mission to enhance one million lives through multifamily real estate investments.  Since its founding, McKENZIE has completed six multifamily syndications, totaling 1,990 doors and over $200 million in assets under management. Its track record of producing above-average investor returns is undefeated so far.


The McKENZIE Organization includes McKenzie Construction & Site Development LLC, a full-service construction company that provides construction management, design-build, and renovation services to the lucrative 8A government sector, as well as the private sector. McKenzie Construction has successfully completed over $80 million in construction contracts, producing over $18 million in revenue annually.  This union of background and expertise gives McKENZIE a significant edge in underwriting, acquiring, and repositioning apartment complexes to their maximum ROI potential.  Our experienced team knows what it takes to add value to a property, and how to complete renovations on-time and on-budget. Our expertise in real estate and construction give us a significant advantage when identifying investment opportunities and producing attractive risk-adjusted returns for our partners.

Why We Like Investing in Multifamily.

One of the best things about multifamily homes is the consistent positive cash flow. They are incredible cash flow investments because they have multiple units generating rental income and investors can, therefore, enjoy high cash flow. Many of our properties are already producing cash flow before we acquire them. Our investment strategy to acquire value-add properties in high-growth markets helps solidify and expand cash flow for our partners over time.

This is passive income that you don’t have to work for. You’re entitled to it as part-owner of the property. With enough passive cash flow, you can start your journey to financial freedom — no longer dependent on a paycheck to finance your lifestyle.

Real estate tends to increase in value over time. Pick the right location at the right time, and it can increase in value very quickly. It is also possible to force appreciation on rental property by increasing the net operating income (NOI). Using our successful value-add investment strategy, we can reposition the asset and force appreciation through renovating units, upgrading community spaces, improving operations, and increasing rent, for example. Appreciation allows us to sell the property for far more than we paid for it — or refinance the property to pull cash out while keeping the asset. Either way, it can add up to a positive cash windfall for the investor group.

The US tax code is full of loopholes for real estate investors. This is because the government wants to incentivize private investors like you to develop property, strengthening the infrastructure of the economy. The result — as a real estate investor, your tax bill can be lower (or your refund bigger). Accelerated depreciation, a benefit mostly off-limits to single-family-home landlords, makes the tax savings even bigger.

Multifamily properties enjoy the best economies of scale in the residential space. When you have multiple units located under one roof, certain operational costs such as management, maintenance, and purchasing are reduced. We invest in assets large enough to reap the benefits of economies of scale and these benefits are passed down to our passive investors for increased returns.

Multifamily real estate is particularly attractive for its ability to retain value during recession, withstand volatility, and hedge against inflation. It is always in demand — after all, everyone needs a roof over their head. The business model is relatively simple — really no different than a single-family rental house, but with the economies of scale needed to produce even higher returns.

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